Sunday, November 2, 2008

The White Sexy Back

T a o d s 2 2

taods 22

color: white

size: FREE

Rm:28.00 + 8.00 =Rm36.00
( with the top for just Rm36.oo)

Description : The White Sexy Back

Bluey Smock Dress

T a o d s 2 0

taods 20 (hold)
color: blue
size: S,M
Rm:28.00 now Rm 24.00
Description : Bluey Smock Dress

The Plain White Tshirt

T a o d s 1 9

taods 19
color: white
size: S,M
Rm:28.00 now Rm 22.00
Description : When less is more, when white is glore

Black Cat Long Top

T a o d s 1 6

taods 16 (*steal it now)
color: black
size: FREE
Rm:28.00 now Rm 25.00
Description : Black Long Top

The Black Tank Top

T a o d s 1 4

taods 14 (sold)
color: black
size: FREE
Rm: 18.00 now Rm15.00
Description : The Black Tank Top

The Greeny Marshmallow Top

T a o d s 1 3

TAODS 13(*steal it now)

colour: light green

size: FREE size

Rm:20.00 now Rm15.00

Description : The greeny Marshmallow

The Marshmallow Top

T a o d s 1 2

TAODS 12 (*steal it now)

colour: cream

size: FREE to all

Rm28.00 now Rm 20.00

Description : the Marshmallow Top

Envy Green Dress

T a o d s 1 0

Taods 10 (*steal it now)
size S,M
Rm 60.00 now Rm 35.00
Description : we welcome you to our 'dark green dress side'

The 'Blair' Dress

T a o d s 9

TAODS 9 (*steal it now)
colour: green
size: S
Rm 48.00 now Rm 32.00
(belt included)
Description : Who doesnt love our queen B's wardrobe

The Navy Pinafour

T a o d s 8

Taods 8 (*steal it now)
colour: black
size S,M
RM 50.00 now Rm 38.00
Description : The ala navy pinafour

Coffee Dress

T a o d s 7

Taods 7 (*steal it now)
colour: coffee
size S,M
Description : Remember our first date in coffee house?

'Checked Mated' Top

T a o d s 5

Taods 5
colour: blue
size S
Rm 34.00 now Rm25.00 (*steal now)
Description : 'Checked Mated' Top

Girly Gothic Prom Dress

T a o d s 3

Taods 3 (hold)
colour: black
size S,M
Rm 50.00 now Rm 40.00
Description : Very girly gothic prom dress