Saturday, March 7, 2009

tips of wearing taods 16

taods 16
*tips of wearing it*
*u also can wear however u like*
*as long as u happy*
status: avaiable

style 2

style 3

style 4

Thursday, March 5, 2009


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Tuesday, March 3, 2009 review..

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Monday, March 2, 2009

literally steal this coffee dress

Taods 7 
colour: coffee 
size S,M
rm50 included postage

best price campaign

up for grabs

you know what to do babes
offer us the best price campaign is on
mail us at m with ya best offer

Friday, February 27, 2009

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

long shirt

toads 31

black (sold)

size: free
price: Rm 32.00

Sunday, February 15, 2009

price cut down

hey shoppers..
we now having price cut down to reduce our in house stock
so dat we can update new stock for babes out there..
so let check out all the new prices..
luvre, xoxo
m&a taods

Monday, December 29, 2008

Lacy Black Inner Dress

Taods 30
RM 30 + 50% off Shipping fees
See thru Black

English Pink Inner Dress

Taods 29
RM 30 + Free Shipping
Bright Pink

Sheep Gambler Tshirt

Taods 27
RM 25 + Free Shipping
Lipstick Red

Swing & Suicide Tshirt

Taods 26
RM 25 + Free Shipping
Ultra Light Blue

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The White Sexy Back

T a o d s 2 2

taods 22

color: white

size: FREE

Rm:28.00 + 8.00 =Rm36.00
( with the top for just Rm36.oo)

Description : The White Sexy Back

Bluey Smock Dress

T a o d s 2 0

taods 20 (hold)
color: blue
size: S,M
Rm:28.00 now Rm 24.00
Description : Bluey Smock Dress

The Plain White Tshirt

T a o d s 1 9

taods 19
color: white
size: S,M
Rm:28.00 now Rm 22.00
Description : When less is more, when white is glore

Black Cat Long Top

T a o d s 1 6

taods 16 (*steal it now)
color: black
size: FREE
Rm:28.00 now Rm 25.00
Description : Black Long Top

The Black Tank Top

T a o d s 1 4

taods 14 (sold)
color: black
size: FREE
Rm: 18.00 now Rm15.00
Description : The Black Tank Top

The Greeny Marshmallow Top

T a o d s 1 3

TAODS 13(*steal it now)

colour: light green

size: FREE size

Rm:20.00 now Rm15.00

Description : The greeny Marshmallow

The Marshmallow Top

T a o d s 1 2

TAODS 12 (*steal it now)

colour: cream

size: FREE to all

Rm28.00 now Rm 20.00

Description : the Marshmallow Top

Envy Green Dress

T a o d s 1 0

Taods 10 (*steal it now)
size S,M
Rm 60.00 now Rm 35.00
Description : we welcome you to our 'dark green dress side'

The 'Blair' Dress

T a o d s 9

TAODS 9 (*steal it now)
colour: green
size: S
Rm 48.00 now Rm 32.00
(belt included)
Description : Who doesnt love our queen B's wardrobe

The Navy Pinafour

T a o d s 8

Taods 8 (*steal it now)
colour: black
size S,M
RM 50.00 now Rm 38.00
Description : The ala navy pinafour

Coffee Dress

T a o d s 7

Taods 7 (*steal it now)
colour: coffee
size S,M
Description : Remember our first date in coffee house?

'Checked Mated' Top

T a o d s 5

Taods 5
colour: blue
size S
Rm 34.00 now Rm25.00 (*steal now)
Description : 'Checked Mated' Top

Girly Gothic Prom Dress

T a o d s 3

Taods 3 (hold)
colour: black
size S,M
Rm 50.00 now Rm 40.00
Description : Very girly gothic prom dress